What is diamond suspension?

2023. 07. 05

Diamond suspension is made of synthetic diamond abrasive particles dispersed in water-based or oil-based liquid.It is a polishing suspension with excellent CMP polishing effect and can be used for silicon wafers,cemented carbide,high-density ceramics,sapphire linings,polishing and grinding of substrates,precision optical components,LED liquid crystal panels and other fields.

  • The particles contained in the polishing suspension are the key factor in the mechanical action of the polishing fluid.Different types and particle sizes of abrasives have different polishing removal effects and are suitable for different processing requirements.The higher the hardness and the larger the particle size of the diamond abrasive,the higher the grinding efficiency and the lower the smoothness of the machined surface.On the contrary,the grinding efficiency will be lower and the surface finish will be higher.

  • Diamond suspension are divided into water-based suspension and oil-based suspension according to different dispersion media.Water-based suspension has low viscosity,it is easy to remove chips and has good cooling effect.It is environmentally friendly,does not contain harmful substances and will not pollute the environment.Oil-based suspension has good wettability,fast grinding speed,high efficiency,good rust resistance and it is not prone to oxidation reaction with the workpiece.