Particle size inspection of diamond powder

2023. 06. 20

Diamond powder is mainly used for grinding and polishing, and the control of particle size is particularly important, generally 0-0.5um to 6-12um for polishing, 5-10um to 12-22um for grinding, 20-30um for rough grinding.

Once there are super-sized coarse particles will cause scratches to the workpiece, making the previous efforts wasted, so the quality inspection of micro-powder is an important link to ensure the quality of micro-powder products.

  • The inspection items mainly include size range, particle size distribution, particle shape, impurity content and so on.

    The main particle sizes of diamond micropowder are M0/0.25, M0/0.5, M0/1, M0.5/1, M1/2, M2/4, M3/6, M4/8, M5/10, M6/12, M8/12, M8/16, M10/20, M15/25, M20/30, M25/35, M25/40, M35/55, M40/60, M50/70, respectively.

    The range of particle size for particular applications is agreed upon by the supply and demand parties.

  • In the actual production, the laser method is often used to detect the particle size of the fine powder, which is characterized by simple operation, convenient measurement speed, and high accuracy in the measurement of spherical particles. The disadvantage is that the accuracy is reduced in the face of long or other irregular shapes, so the actual operation is often combined with image method or biological microscope measurement.