What are the high performance grinding and polishing materials?

2023. 08. 14

High performance grinding polishing materials refer to materials that can achieve efficient, precise and stable machining results in the grinding and polishing process. They can meet the requirements of material processing quality, processing efficiency and surface accuracy in semiconductor, optical, ceramic, metal processing and other fields. In high performance grinding and polishing materials, common materials include diamond powder, grinding paste, grinding slurry and grinding pad.

  • Diamond powder: it is the main grinding medium in the grinding and polishing process, which can remove the unevenness, defects and roughness of the workpiece surface and achieve precise grinding and polishing effect.

    Diamond slurry: According to the different abrasives added, lapping suspension can be divided into diamond lapping slurry, silica lapping slurry, alumina lapping slurry, etc., which is widely used for grinding and polishing of hard materials such as superhard materials and cemented carbide. It can not only improve the grinding rate, but also quickly remove the large amount of heat generated during the grinding process, so as to avoid the workpiece surface being burned.

  • Grinding paste: Diamond grinding paste is a soft grinding paste made of selected high-quality diamond micro-powder abrasives and paste bonding agents, colorants, preservatives, essences, etc. It is suitable for grinding and polishing of measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-finish workpieces of glass, ceramics, gems, cemented carbide and other high-hardness materials.

    Grinding pad: It is the support material in the grinding and polishing process. It is used with the grinding liquid to provide uniform pressure distribution and good padding effect, so that the grinding medium is fully in contact with the workpiece.