Description and application of diamond grinding pads

2023. 04. 18

With the rapid development of semiconductor chips, the high-speed signal transmission of 5G networks requiresdemetallizationof communication devices and signal receiving terminals. The super hard materials such as ceramics, high-strength glass and sapphire will gradually replace the role of metals in the field of communication with their excellent performance, so the application of diamond grinding pads is more and more widespread.

  • The diamond grinding pads with coolant are simple to operate, high production efficiency, credibility, and can effectively reduce energy consumption and waste emission.  There are several types of diamond grinding pads, which are resin bonded diamond grinding pads, concrete diamond polishing pads, metal bonded diamond grinding pads and so on.

  • The diamond grinding pad is made of imported resin, metal and diamond powder. It is with strong cutting force, high grinding efficiency and long service life. It is used for fine grinding and polishing pieces surface, such as mobile phone glass, sapphire glass, sapphire cover plate, sapphire substrate and ceramic sheet.