First, Look at our technology.

Norian has our own laboratories to enable modeling, product development, characterization, and evaluation of a wide range of materials. The modern production workshop adopts a full automatic production line, and the product classification control can meet the highest industry standard. Adhere to scientific and rigorous, precision manufacturing, take the sustainable development strategy, we keep innovating in a pioneering spirit, to make creative contributions to the development and prosperity of the high-precision grinding industry.

Second, Look at our products.

Norian only adapts the finest industrial-grade diamond material to create our range of high-quality micron diamond powder products. Reunioncrystalline Diamond Powder is an up-to-date kind of abrasive grinding material, whose quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. It can replace Polycrystalline Diamond Powder, increased grinding efficiency and better grinding finish. By the way, its production process is more environmentally friendly and suits the sustainable strategy. Moreover, there are products extended from micron diamond powder, such as diamond slurry and suspension, diamond grinding pads etc.

Third, Look at our services.

Norian are good at creating solutions for your high-precision grinding process needs. We have an R&D central and consultant team, dedicated to making good powders for industry production. Nice powder creates good working pieces, let's become faster, better and stronger together.