Crushing and shaping process of diamond powder

2023. 07. 21

The crushing and shaping process of diamond plays an important role in the production of diamond powder and directly affects the shape of diamond powder particles and the range of target particle size.Different crushing methods will place different crushing effects.Scientific and reasonable crushing and shaping process can not only quickly break diamond raw materials with coarse-grained (conventional particle size 100-500 microns) into diamond micro-powder particles with a particle size range of about (0-80 microns),but also optimize the particle shape,make the micro-powder product particles more regular and reduce the long and thin particles.The previous production process was based on ball grinding technology,which has been replaced by Jet Mill.

  • Jet Mill is a widely used powder processing technology.It uses high-speed airflow and abrasives to frictionally grind granular materials to achieve the purpose of dispersion,crushing and synthesis.The Jet Mill can prepare various metal powders and diamond powders,such as copper powder,iron powder,diamond powder,etc.By changing the processing conditions of the Jet Mill,such as wind speed,abrasive particle size,processing time and so on,different shapes and sizes can be obtained powder.

  • As a new technology application,Jet Mill has attracted wide attention.Jet Mill enables efficient grinding by using a high-speed air stream to drive the abrasive through the air stream.Due to its unique mode of operation,Jet Mill has many advantages,such as a wide range of particle size control,high productivity,low energy consumption,easy operation,high precision and environmental protection.In the future development,Jet Mill is expected to become an important technology in the field of material grinding,and has a wide range of application prospects.