Characteristics and uses of diamond grinding wheel

2023. 09. 01

Diamond grinding wheel also can be made by using diamond powder. Diamond grinding wheel is a round consolidated abrasive containing diamond abrasive.Compared with ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, it has obvious wear resistance, high efficiency, high processing precision, good thermal conductivity and long service life. It can grind hard materials such as cemented carbide, glass and ceramics efficiently.

  • Application field of diamond grinding wheel

    Machining: Diamond grinding wheel is widely used in the field of machining, such as turning, milling, drilling and so on. By using diamond grinding wheel, the processing efficiency can be improved, the processing cost can be reduced, the accuracy and quality of the workpiece can be improved.

    Superhard material processing: Diamond grinding wheel is also widely used in the field of superhard material processing, such as diamonds, gems and ceramics.By using diamond grinding wheels, the grinding of superhard materials can be completed quickly and efficiently.

  • Aerospace field: Because diamond grinding wheel has high hardness, precision and efficiency,diamond grinding wheel is more and more widely used in the aerospace field, such as the grinding of engine parts and precision instrumentation manufacturing.

    Semiconductor manufacturing: With the continuous development of semiconductor manufacturing technology, the requirements for precision machining are becoming higher and higher. Diamond grinding wheels are also widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, such as wafer grinding and lens grinding of lithography machines.